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Chainlink $LINK loses 20 days of gains.

What goes up must come down as they say!

Chainlink has been doing strides this month and reached the price of $ 8.5 . This little coin went from $0.19 cents last year to huge gains this year. All thanks to being on Coinbase. But it seems the fear of missing out is over and people are done with this shiny new toy. We are seeing even more loss as we are typing. This coin is dropping and dropping fast.

Ask 10 people what Chainlink does and all 10 will say "I dont know, wtf is Chainlink?" They make coins first then try to find the reason to use them after making a big buck!

So for now stay away from it for a while! Cheers.

Market cap $2.5B

Volume (24 hours) $713.0M

Circulating supply 350.0M LINK

All-time high $8.8

Trading activity 64% buy 36% sell

Typical hold time 40 days

Popularity on Coinbase #11 most held