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Bitcoin $BTC has woken up! Showing some upward movement.

Bitcoin, $BTC has been sleeping quiet for the last six days. Up by 2.15% in last 24 hrs. It has finally woken up and is picking up all the altcoin friends prices along with it. Lets see if this movement will continue or will this be just a flash in the pan?

Bitcoin is decentralized. This means that it is controlled by an equivalent network. No one is able to influence the stopping or limiting of BTC. Governments can only impose restrictions or limitations. The Bitcoin network itself will continue to operate. During these times where disease is ravaging the global economic structures its important to consider the importance of Bitcoin in the future.

Bitcoin forces us to reflect and think about how FIAT currencies work and why people agree to such a system. It encourages people to learn about Blockchain technology and presents a completely new mechanism of money in the future.

Current 24 hr volume is $14 Billion

Price USD$ $9,366.62

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