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GoChain Wins Binance Listing

The votes are in!

The 9th Binance Community Coin vote is in the books.

GoChain (GO) wins with 1828 votes


Everipedia (IQ) comes in second with 914

Cortex (CTXC) gets 570

Byteball Bytes (GBYTE) 348

MediBloc (MEDX) 257

What is GoChain(GO)?

Well looks like its another decentralized blockchain, 10x more decentralized to be exact! Maybe the most decentralized piece of technology ever created. Like many other coins GoChain's mission is to provide a scalable, low cost, energy efficient platform for digital currency and decentralized applications.

Open decentralization did not work as intended as more than 70% of mining is in China and the majority of that is run by just a few companies. GoChain forces nodes to be in different countries, run by unrelated people/companies.

Goal: 10x more decentralized!

GoChain will support very high transaction volumes with fast verifications. Ethereum can only process 13 transactions per second, GoChain will initially target 1300 transactions per second.

Goal: 100x more transactions per second!

The energy used to run the Bitcoin network could power more than 3.5 million US households, 1 million to run Ethereum. We think that's completely unnacceptable and unsustainable. GoChain will use a small fraction of the energy used to run other cryptocurrencies.

Goal: 1000x less energy consumption

CEO Jason Dekker

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, former hedge fund manager managing in excess of $250 million, angel investor, board member and advisor with an exit to a public company. He has extensive C-level experience in finance, biotech, tech, and the food & beverage industries.

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