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Good week for NANO and LISK

Prices are moving back up.

While the crypto market in general remained in the red, there were some glipses of price improvement. Notably $NANO and $LSK have preformed well over the last ten days. Still crawling out of a deep hole both coins showed some gain.

Over the past 10 days NANO went from low $0.78 and swung back up to $2.49

While Lisk went from lows of $2.69 to $5.01


Could this be first signs of the end of the bear season? Who ever jumped in around August 14th are seeing profits. That might have been the bottom. Yet there not many of those people as most portfolios are more than 90% in the red. A comparison chart of Bitcoin price in 2014 looks very similar to whats unfolding in 2018.


Lisk is planning release Lisk Core 1.0 on the Mainnet at block height 6,901,027. This comes after its first sidechain ICO, Madana, and the development of products and features like the Lisk Hub, Lisk Elements and Lisk Ascend.

"#Lisk Core 1.0 is going to Mainnet! The migration will take place when we reach block height 6,901,027 at the end of round 68327. We expect this block height to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 AM CEST. For info, read below."


NANO community projects have been making waves of their own with Brainblocks payment system acquiring NanoWallet.io

"Jamie and Miquel from the NanoWallet team will be joining the BrainBlocks engineering team, initially working to build an integration between the BrainBlocks payment gateway and NanoWallet accounts, and after that to architect the next generation of wallets for Nano.Secondly, because NanoWallet has hundreds of thousands of user accounts, and most of this community already has a wallet, you will soon be able to pay with BrainBlocks and Nano with incredible speed and ease, without having to copy QR codes or send funds from exchanges."

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