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Zilliqa postpones mainnet launch till January 2019

Official release on Telegram


Dear community members, The Zilliqa team is committed to building a secure, scalable and decentralized blockchain platform. Amongst all existing solutions to achieve scalability such as off-chain, sidechains and others, we believe that sharding is a very promising one towards linear scalability. We are happy to have made sharding a reality by releasing the first testnet network that is sharded. We have also finalized the design to run smart contracts on a sharded architecture which will be incorporated in the first production release of Zilliqa. This design ensures that transactions involving smart contracts can be processed in parallel across shards and the directory service committee. The entailed protocol will have no restrictions on the type of Scilla smart contracts that can be run. We will soon be releasing a blog post to explain the architecture that we have started to implement. Since the release of our technical whitepaper back in August 2017, we have come a long way and have modified part of the initial design and implemented new techniques to make the protocol more performant and more secure. For instance, we have merged the two PoWs (as outlined in the whitepaper) into a single PoW. We have also replaced raw transaction data sharing with state-change sharing. Oftentimes, such modifications to the protocol design required a complete re-design of certain parts of the system. In the past few weeks, we have had extensive discussions to review the timeline in light of these enhancements. Unfortunately, we will need more time to ensure that the code gets properly tested by the core team, the community and last but not the least, established auditing firms. We will also be leveraging the additional time to: - Conduct thorough security audits - Prepare for and execute the token swap - Integrate with wallets - Develop toolchains - Bring more dapps onboard We will be updating the community about the mainnet timeline along the way. At this stage, we are targeting end of this year or January 2019. We apologize for the delay but we firmly believe that it is in the best interest of the long-term future of the project and would like to seek your support and understanding. Sincere thoughts, The Zilliqa Team

Amrit Kumar

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