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CEO of Pundi X buys 1000ETH worth of his own coin $NPXS

"Buy and HODL"

PundiX CEO Zac Cheah is just like us, he wakes up everyday and looks at the market to see it go from bad to worse, especially for the value of his projects coin ($NPXS.)

In an attempt to show commitment he released a statement through twitter with intent to purchase $NPXS with fellow founders.

Twitter Statement

Tough market and we hold strong belief in the #PundiX project. Four founders @pundixdanny, @kiki_cp, Pitt Huang and I will personally buy a total of 1,000 ETH-equivalent $NPXS in the next 48 hours from the open market. And #HODL. For transparency, you can monitor this transaction.


There were mostly positive comments supported by very commited communtiy.

But some were more critical and put the fact in place that PundiX ran a very profitable ICO and raised $35,000,000!

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