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War-of-Crypto pre sale suffers DDOS attack.


Pre sale happened on 3:38 PM pacific time July 31st 2018

It ended on 4:03 PM and lasted 25 minutes.

War of Crypto Pre Sale

Here was the message on the website that was recently changed back to the original text.

"This morning we attempted to launch our private pre-sale and were almost instantly attacked as many of you know.

We are working really hard at the moment with Google in swapping servers and adding more security to prevent a future attack.

We will be shutting down the site for now until we fully migrate to new system.

The current state of site is unstable from the attack so many of you are facing issues while others are not.

We will be posting on Telegram/Discord/Twitter when site goes back live.

If you are having issues now, please DM me your email address, username and issue on Discord, Telegram or email (dmatias@lucillegames.com).

Thank you all for the patience and support!""


Current message on the website

"On July 28th, the War of Crypto private pre-sale begins. Make sure you book your seat and register before July 27th. Only 1,000 spots are available for private pre-sale. The public pre-sale begins 2 days afterwards, July 30th. You’ll have access to a limited supply of crates containing a set of our most exclusive, rare heroes with skins. These skins will be limited editions and won't be available after pre-sale. They will only be available to purchase from our peer to peer marketplace."- DANIEL MATIAS, CEO

In a tweet that cant be copied, the developers talk about switching to new servers and getting the public sale back going so you can get your Lambo Mooner!

From the Guide.
War of Crypto is a player-vs-player (PvP) web based (and in the future, mobile version) multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable and tradeable heroes. It is set in an epic fantasy world, which is facing a relentless and imminent doom from the Centrized. You will be able to collect, customize and strengthen your very own, unique heroes.
You will strategize and select the Heroes in your team that best fit your battling needs, and put them to test against another player's Heroes.
For that, War of Crypto features an enticing and dynamic battle system, based on players' stamina and the Heroes skills.

- Heroes will be stored on the blockchain so you gain true ownership of your Hero  - You will be able to store your Hero on ENJ Wallet  - You can trade your Hero to a friend or Sell to a player on our Marketplace (coming soon)  - All pre-sale Heroes will be backed by at least 49 ENJ and will go all the way up to 10,000 ENJ. The ENJ amount depends on the Hero you receive from the pre-sale Crystal. 300,000 total ENJ will be used in the backing of all pre-sale Heroes creation. 
Each HERO is a ERC-1155 token
ERC-1155 token is a standard interface for multiple item/token definitions in a single deployed contract proposed by Witek Radomski (Enjin Co-Founder & CTO) in June 2018. Witek created the code for the first non-fungible token in June 2017, which inspired the creation of ERC-721.
Pre Sale Marketing Tactics
From the official statement
"War of Crypto is the first game of its kind to run in the blockchain technology, allowing gamers to exchange their in-game accomplishments for more gaming experiences, or even real life money.
By entering our Pre-sale campaign, gamers get special edition Heroes. Because these will be very rare, they will become more and more valuable over time, just like special editions of all sorts.
It will be like striking gold early, as far as our community is concerned.
Through being an early contributor now, you can be rewarded big time in the near future. Also, you can use such rewards in War of Crypto's in-game marketplace, with other games in the Enjin cryptocurrency network, or trade them for real money. Just like an investment!"

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