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Adoption of the ERC-1155 coin

New token standard

The recently developed ERC-1155 Ethereum token standard takes a new approach to defining tokens. Items are now stored in a single contract with the minimum possible amount of data needed to distinguish the token from other ones. The contract state contains configuration data per Token ID and all the behavior governing the collection.

Imagine checking out your groceries at the store and having to buy each item in your cart separately. Swiping your credit card, bagging a single loaf of bread, receiving a small receipt, before continuing with the apples, getting another receipt, and so on. This is how ERC-20 and ERC-721 token transfers work.

With ERC-1155, you can send any number of items to one or multiple recipients in a single transaction. This reduces gas and congestion on the Ethereum transaction pool. ERC-1155 proposes that the ‘common’ code across tokens is stored in a central smart contract and given a unique identifier. This unique identifier can then be referenced by other smart contracts which require the central smart contract’s code.

First backed items

The first ERC-1155 tokens minted using the Enjin platform have been kept a secret. All that is known is that there are 30 different token types and they have been backed by 3.8 million ENJ, and they will be used to reward the crypto and gaming communities.

War of Crypto skins were the first ERC-1155 tokens to be made available to the public, there are 11 different token types (of varying supply), backed by over 300,000 ENJ.

These items will hold whatever value the market (defined by each buyer and seller) places on them. The ENJ within each item gives it a base price, a guaranteed cryptocurrency value, so if a user obtains an item that contains 190k ENJ, he or she can always melt it down and retrieve the ENJ from within.

WoC (World of Crypto) is the first ENJ adopter to run a pre-sale. After having some issues with their launch due to a DDOS attack they were able to re-launch the pre-sale which was then sold out within 25 minutes. With all 1500 minted items gone, a public sale will no longer be possible using these rare items.

War of Crypto is a free-to-play blockchain-based, 3D multiplayer game. Once launched, players will be able to opt-in to purchase items using ENJ, Ethereum (ETH), and Fiat. Although WoC is in the early development stage, its gameplay can be described as a mix between Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, and Pokémon.

All War of Crypto heroes will be stored on the blockchain, giving players full sovereignty over their in-game assets, and making WoC’s characters more decentralized, transparent, immutable, and secure than characters in other games. A detailed history of each hero will remain permanently on the blockchain, allowing game characters to maintain interesting user-defined backstories. This is expected to become a gameplay feature in and of itself.

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