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Phantasma evolves into Phantasma Chain

Branding update

Portugal based Phantasma project, aka "BlockChain for next generation content distribution", which uses NEOs NEP-5 coin as part of their technology, has updated their brand name to Phantasma Chain. Out with the bland ghost email character and in with a shiny new blue ghost character. The addition of the word chain aims to ad greater representation of the projects meaning.

Reasoning for the update

It was misunderstood that Phantasma is just a mailing dApp. This is not the case. Phantasma will deploy its own blockchain, scheduled for Q1 2019. The rebranding will emphasize that Phantasma is a blockchain instead of a dApp.

Rebrading "Festival"

The goal of the Rebranding Festival is to spread awareness of the rebranded Phantasma Chain. The developers are asking the community to create these items in order to win.

  • Stickers (31st July)

  • Art/Illustration (10th August)

  • GIFs (21st August)

  • Infographics (31st August)

  • Memes (11th September

$SOUL tokens rocky journey

There are 100 million Phantasma coins called SOUL . SOUL sold for 0.23 USD each during its ICO. The founders raised $9,650,000 . At the time of this writing the coin is worth $0.09 -58% down in price value. Another victim of the 2018 bear market. Will the re branding help improve on the price? Only time will tell, but this is a step in the right direction.

"The SOUL token is the fuel of the Phantasma network, serving as the basis for all the economic incentives binding consumers, producers and operators together.The name “SOUL” was chosen as an allegory of traveling between gates."

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