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Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson goes on a power trip rant against Metamask on Twitter

This was a long day for Metamask, their app was removed from the Google store only to be replaced with a fake phishing version. Then later on in the day they got a message on Twitter from founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. He is also the co-founder and ex-CEO of Ethereum. He is CEO at Input Output HK (IOHK), a company based in Hong Kong.

It all started with a simple "Hey guys PM me".

What happened next caused Charles Hoskinson to flip his lid and go on a major rant.

"You're telling the CEO of iohk, founder of cardano and ethereum to use the support email? Just wanted to ask about the chrome delisting."

"We'll be sure to return the favor if they ever have any questions about daedalus, zencash, ethereum classic, cardano, or the other projects we are working on"

"The CEO of a major blockchain firm asks for a quick PM and the response is to kill the dialogue with a support email? Jesus man, have you ever done support once in your life?"

The global response to these tweets was unanimously negative.

Bella‏ @bitcoinbella_

Replying to @IOHK_Charles @metamask_io

Hey, take it easy on the social media person. Probably an intern or something.

stu pritchard‏ @stu3193

Replying to @IOHK_Charles @KendamaGendale and 2 others

did you ever consider the person answering you doesn't know who the fuck you are?

@EdwardWWardMoreReplying to @IOHK_Charles @JimmyRagosa

Lol, it was one tweet & it’s been 40 minutes. The person controlling the twitter account may not even have known who you are. Jumping to extremes a bit quickly there

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