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The story of Etheremon, a blockchain game.

Dappworld Wild Wild West

Currently the Ethereum DAPP market place is a wild west. The top 2 DAPPS are pyramid schemes FOMO3D and POWH3D, followed by decentralized exchanges IDAX and Bancor. Plus there is Augur, which is a gambling platform. As far as collectable card games go CryptoKitties is still sitting at number one, and right on their paws is Ethermon. A version of Pokemon that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Etheremon is a crypto-collectible game revolving around digital monsters that users can discover, buy, sell, train, evolve, and battle against other monsters.

Initial success

The game exploded on the scene during the height of crypto mania and had 14k transactions on the first day in late December 2017. But as of July 22, it is only 296 users a day with Crypto Kitties having at 312 users a day.

Bumps in the road

The developers ambitious approach was to publish the product fully knowing that they will be using someone else's characters and art work. The team immediately acknowledged that they used art work without, the original artists Smiley-Fakemons, permission. He later agreed to use his artwork, for a possible undisclosed fee.


The developers are not disclosed on their website and go under a name of EMONTAlliance. One of the Co Founders is Jarvis Nuguyen. Whos is a programmer and game developer.

Big advisor names include the CEO of KYBER Network Loi Luu, Ari Meilich of Decentraland and former head of Oculus Korea, Andrew Kim.

Going 3D in Decentraland

Ethermon are also part of Decentraland Genesis City. Running in 3D on Decentraland SDK for a more interactive user experience. You can look forward to discovering new Etheremon while exploring the world. You will be able to interact with your Etheremon and put them on display for others to see. You will be able to train your Etheremon in gyms, and battle them against other users’ monsters in Etheremon castles. All of this functionality will be fully decentralized and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Planing to move to Zilliqa away from Ethereum

Etheremon wants to move to Zilliqa blockchain because Ether is too slow and expensive. This is largely due to the high gas prices that have recently been experienced on the Ethereum network, which is limiting the gaming experience. The high gas prices are a consequence of the Ethereum scalability issues and actions by exchanges such as FCoin. The developers are also both originated from same place Singapore and share common language and values.


When you catch an Etheremon, it is a good start to bring him to the Gym first. The trainers there will help him gain some EXP to be strong enough for the real battle with other players. Afterwards, you can then team them up and bring them to the hills to build your own castle or to challenge other standing ones. Once they reach a certain level, some Etheremons gain the ability to transform with the help of their ancestors.Some others gain the ability to lay eggs by spending a lot of their EXP in the process. These eggs will hatch into Etheremons of the same kind.


Dec 2017: Etheremon launch

Q1 2018: Marketplace opened 2 Game Modes released Q2 2018: Competitive Ranked Mode released Q3 2018: Currently here. Adventure Site Pre-sale Adventure Mode released Q4 2018: Quest and Achievement System PvP, Leagues and Tournaments 2019: Etheremon VR world on Decentraland SDK released and bring new games to EMONT Alliance

What do you need to play Etheremon?

To interact with the Etheremon world, users need to interact with the Etheremon smart contracts. To interact with these contracts you need:

  • An Ethereum wallet — which can be created with My Ether Wallet websiteand/or by using MetaMask.

  • Ether — a form of digital payment to pay for your transactions. You can buy Ether from any available cryptocurrency exchange in your country.

  • MetaMask or Mist browser (optional) — allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser. If you do not want to use them, you can manually create transactions via My Ether Wallet website.


EMONT is the in-game currency of Etheremon. Being an ERC20 token, it istransferable and limited. There are only 20 million EMONT created. They are distributed as follows:

70% or 14 million: to be “mined” by players during in-game operations such as battling. After all tokens are mined, the game will be self-sustainable and operated entirely with EMONT tokens (no Ether is needed at that time).

25% or 5 million: reserved for our User Growth Pool.

5% or 1 million: reserved for the development team


The gaming industry is huge and blockchain gaming is just in its infant stage. The idea of having no middle man such as EA, Rockstar, Origin, Bizzard, etc could be very appealing as it gives more feeling of an ownership. Yet the full potential of decentralization is not yet achieved here yet as the creators, who like to keep out of the spotlights can just shut down the website, ending the Etheremon world.

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