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Zilliqa website update

Zilliqa team have announced that they have updated their website with a new look to help drive adoption of the #Zilliqa platform.

Zilliqa is a project building a next-gen high-throughput public blockchain. It’s a secure and distributed platform that will power high-throughput distributed apps with all the transparency and decentralization one would expect from a blockchain.

$ZILs are the short form for Zillings, which are tokens on Zilliqa.

The new website has clear messaging along with styled graphics with traditional crypto motifs such as space. The imagery correlates with the text that tells the viewers Zilliqa is thinking about possibilities that are still in imagination stage. The graphics use a intresting blend of flat style and gradients.

Zilliqa team is aiming to bring ideas into life and wants developers to develop secure and decentralized applications. The three main categories highlighted are...

• Gaming and Entertainment

Zilliqa’s non-fungible tokens allow gamers to truly own and custodize assets.

• Digital Advertising

Zilliqa is helping to improve programmatic advertising by automating payments and reducing the number of intermediaries.

• Payments.

Zilliqa’s high scalability results in low transaction fees which makes it possible for DApps to make micro-payments across borders.

In 2016, the Zilliqa journey began when the founding team members wrote an academic paper on the implementation of sharding technology for scaling public blockchains. blockchain can now achieve mass adoption and support high throughput use cases. The project is moving further into the project roadmap and the new website aims to drive adoption of the #Zilliqa platform.

The Zilliqa roadmap tells a story of milestones and future goals. The test net is going through rounds and is currently on v2.0 with the Mainnet launch looming for the third quarter. After that there will be Anchor Dapp release in fourth quarter.

Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong has a background in cybersecurity for different sorts of systems, including web browsers, web applications, and the control software for large-scale systems, such as smart grid and Internet of Things.

ZIL token is held by many top crypto currency investment firms and it has seen ROI of x20 on June 22 as seen in this chart made by @ICO_Analytics.

Tokens in the Zilliqa platform are called “Zillings” or ZILs for short. ZILs only give platform usage rights to the holders to pay for sending transactions and running smart contracts. Zilliqa has a finite supply of 21 billion tokens, of which 60% will be in existence at the TGE.

Before Zilliqa mainnet goes live, interim ERC-20 tokens will be generated and allocated to various parties, including contributors.

They are expected to be migrated to the Zilliqa mainnet as ZIL tokens in 2018.

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