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Binance Listing backfires , Pundi X token $NPXS gets dumped hard.

Once not too long ago a listing on Binance exchange resulted in a nice price boost. It seems like those days are gone. The crypto world spins fast and a listing in this market spelled doom for the Pundi X $NPXS token.

Immediately after trading was announced the price plummeted from $.013 to $.006 and continued its downward spiral, following the same path as its other cheap buddy Bytecoin $BCN, but without the initial pump.

No longer Binance is a place for a guranteed price boost. In this type of market it can backfire spectacularly, like it did in this case. Which is a shame, because $NPXS is a token with an actual product behind it and a very bright future ahead.

Just recently David Ben Kay, Pundi X Chief Legal Counsel. has met with CZ him self , among other notable people in crypto to show them the XPOS device which will let retailers accept crypto currencies directly.

Day 2 in #AsiaBlockChainSummit in Taipei, #PundiX team @DavidBenKay @peko0413 met @cz_binance and @SatoshiLite. We all share the same goal- making #cryptocurrencies more accessible to more people

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