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John McAfee vs. HitBTC exchange

HitBTC with a get well message for John McAfee.

Acting very much like the US presidential hopeful that he is crypto voice John McAfee has found a new enemy, crypto exchange HitBTC. He recently tweeted from his hospital bed as he recovers from being poisoned by his "enemies".

"The crypto exchanges have become the thing that we have originally fought against. Their power is immense. Hitbtc, for example, has increased suffering for millions of poor people who cannot afford the minimum buy-in since it is greater than their monthly income. Boycott them."

McAfee continued his rant

.@hitbtc I will be your worst enemy until you prove that you are aligned with our community and are truly interested in helping the poor. You have not done shit to help access the only free healthcare in the world

This issue seems to stem from one of this employees accounts being frozen on HitBTC

"Attention! You who suffered from the Hitbtc scam! Corporate timidly called and fixed my problem. What about you? I swear on my name, this exchange will no longer be, if every unethical problem I receive from you is not fixed! Send name and ticket # to officialmrmcafee@gmail.com"

While HitBTC definitely has problems and is considered one of the shadiest exchanges out there, in this case it looks like John McAfee is using his fan base leverage to deal with personal problems. This is probably not the end of this story.

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