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Investors mad as DAPS project abandons PeepCoin $PCN. Prices sink.


In February 2018, the Peepcoin community , (a coin originally developed 2 years ago and abandoned), had a discussion that changed the course of events. This discussion was DAPS, a new idea to revitalize the old Peepcoin and give it a reason to exist. DAPS was named, and the rebranding was begun.

After many weeks of deliberation, and study of long-term implications of various factors, the DAPS idea was given specifications. It would be a Privacy coin, with Masternodes, a capped Stake reward, and a focus on community.

The specifications for DAPS has been unanimously agreed on, and can be read about more on these official venues. 1:1 swap PCN:DAPS PoW/PoS (PoW period over) Maximum initial supply 50 billion (if all PCN swaps) 1,000,000,000 DAPS Development fund: 50% — Airdrops 30% — Chain upgrade, prepare masternode launch 20% — Advertising — Bounties

But... as stated in the official statement...

"There will no longer be a swap from Peepcoin to DAPS, as DAPS is not about enriching the original developer of Peepcoin, who has been found to own the second largest wallet. On top of this, a large amount of coins are concentrated in the hands of few who have not contributed to the project."

The price is down... way down

Currently down 92% and sinking.

Investors are not happy

Here are some comments from Twitter and Medium

crypt0steve‏ @SubnetZero 2h2 hours ago

"MoreReplying to @DAPScoinDon't bother with #DAPS anymore we all hate you."

Mr. Anderson‏ @Mr_Anderson____

Lmao did you not read what they posted? They literally just exit scammed everyone. Theres zero but orders on bleutrade and more than likely will be delisted after this shit show


Goodbye Peepcoin, again!

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