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ONO Social Network [Roadmap Review]

What is ONO?

ONO project is a next generation social network that is free, decentralized and rewards users for their content. It is based on EOS and is a EOS Block Producer Candidate. ONO’s ad system does not sell user data to generate revenue. Instead, the users in ONO control and decide if they want advertising on their content.

$ONOT Token

ONOT is the name of the native token in the ONO social network and it’s currently an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. Users can earn ONOTs from doing tasks such as logging in and creating high quality content. ONOT is an ERC20 token.

$EOS Airdrop

EOS holders will be airdropped ONOTs, using the EOS genesis blockchain snapshot for the distribution. For each 1 EOS they have according to the EOS genesis snapshot, they will receive 1 ONOT. The ratio is 1:1.

ONO Roadmap

In a simple visualized approach the ONO Roadmap offers a retrospect on the projects accomplishments and future goals. 2017 saw the initial stages for the team creation and first concepts. In 2018 the project went into motion with development of a working product.

In August we are expecting to see migration to the EOS Mainet form Ethereum and an official registration. By the end of the year the team hopes to achieve 4 million users, which they aim to double in first quarter of 2019.

ONO Founder and CEO

In a business dominated by male CEO's ONO stands out as being a vision of a female wunderkind Ke Xu. After receving a bachelors degree at age of 19 she went on to work on a social app ERA and Ethereum dapp CryptoDogs.

CryptoRoadmaps™ Roadmap Review

Clarity : 5 This map is very straight forward and defines clear goals.

Design : 5 Visually balanced with great use of icons and brand style.

Punctuality: 4 In short time of its existence the ONO team has accomplished their short term goals.

Prospects: 3 ONO project has grand plans of user growth and is hoping for large user acquisition in the next year. While we would like to see more details on how that will be accomplished it seems like a feasible plan.

CryptoRoadmaps Total score : 17/20

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