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Yes, its real!

The Dogecon Conference is very much real and is happening in Vancouver, Canada from June 21st till 24th.


Dogecon Vancouver 2018 is a weekend celebration of the social layer of crypto culture, embracing memes and tweetstorms as the current pinnacle of human art and attention. Using the Year of the Doge as a launchpad, they will engage in a range of participatory experiences from carefree and whimsical Partying to deep dialectical dialogues.

Dogecon will be the crypto unconvention, where play and art are granted as much reverence as math and hardware. There will be ample opportunities for attendees to make their voices heard, from Speed Debates to breakout ideation sessions.

The speakers are mostly just random people off the street and oh yeah, there is a guy from Enjin Coin.

Buying tickets for this event is half the fun. Prices start with $200 for 1 ticket , then they go to 2 for $400, 3 for $600 etc... all the way to $2,100 for MAD upgrade. You can pay with crypto or fiat.

Regular Pass

A regular pass will grant you access to all public events from Thursday evening June 21, through Sunday night June 24. Its cost in crypto is pegged to $200 CAD.

MAD Upgrade Pass

A MAD upgrade pass (Much Amazing Doge) gets you drink tickets at our nighttime networking events, a boxed lunch of your choice at the DOGETalks picnic on Friday June 22nd, and an artfully assembled Doge swag bag with classic DDP flair. Its cost in crypto is pegged to $420 CAD.

There is a fair warning included, MUCH WILD WEST!

Here are some photos from the first day.

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