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HTMLCOIN Rebranding


Htmlcoin $HTML , was released back in early days of crypto 2014 by Adrian Staples. It was then soon rebranded to HTML5. After several years of being dormant the coin returned to the scene in 2017 as HTMLCOIN. In the upswing of the market in the winter months the price of HTMLCOIN went up as well, which gained it new exposure. Recently it was listed on HtBTC exchange.

Their marketing team has been actively working to complement current corporate identity to a simpler-looking design.

A lot has changed since 2014 when Htmlcoin was called Html5. The foundation was rebranded to Htmlcoin just recently. The current htmlcoin logo will continue to be relevant for current and future marketing campaigns and will NOT be replaced.

The new mascot Bracket is similar to Binances mascot Bibi . Many on Twitter are not impressed.

"The mascot doesnt look good, but i m happy to see some movements and efforts. Keep it up."

"OMG really really $HTLMLCOIN ??? rebranding for what??? The new logo is completely awful. The ugly mascot is for children below 5 years?!!! come on just leave it as it is! and go look for partnerships and real use cases!!! instead of this"

"Nooo... just no, please don’t use “Bracket”. This isn’t 1998"