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[Roadmap Review] ICON $ICX

Where is the map?

"Hello ICONers"

After taking a closer look at the ICON $ICX project, it seems really hard to actually find a roadmap. The official website offers an outdated project section hidden in a link in the footer, and the Medium page has important information but its not assembled.

If you would look at every post made on Medium going back to August 2017 there was little mention of a roadmap. It is possible that the team never planned to have one initially. But if you want investors and supporters to be up to date and happy you need to have a roadmap, its seems to be as industry standard as a white paper.

Current map fragments

It took some digging into their Medium page to find a roadmap hidden deep in a post from ICON annual summit on January 31st.

Just a few sentences. Users on Reddit have pointed out that so far that most of these deadlines have not been met.

Abandoned Maps

The website offers a vision of a roadmap for the Loop Chain projects, yet they all end at the beginning of 2018. No updates, and its June at the time of this writing.

Origins of ICON $ICX token

$ICX token ICO was in September of 2017. The price of the tokens was $0.11 and the ICON Foundation ( registered in Switzerland, operating in South Korea) raised $43 million dollars.

Lost in communication

Potential investors ,that keep hearing the "Korean Ethereum" shill, that are looking in to this project will have a lot of unanswered questions. There seems to be a gap in communication, possibly do to language barrier. It is a very popular project due to the amazing return on investment it made for some people, but the future of the project is foggy until clear plans are laid out.

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