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Crypto Tracker Bot App is anticipating new Coinbase Listings

Recent Notification

Crypto Tracker Bot began notifying its users after recent Ethereum Classic listing alert.

"As we all know, there will be many Coinbase listings in the near future. The ETC listing gave us the required data such that we can refine the bot to ensure fast delivert time for future coin lisitings. Thank you for continuing to use CTB and we will continue to strive to be the fastest bot on the market"

About Crypto Tracker Bot

Crypto currency investors use apps daily to track their investments. One of the most popular is Crypto Tracker Bot. What makes it unique is the ability to send real time push notifications when new coins get listed or tested on major exchanges.

Coin Listings

When a coin is added to an exchange the increase in volume generates price spikes and greater future potential for the crypto currency. Coin holders have high hopes for listings on major exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, GDAX and others.

How it works

The bot gathers information from multiple sources and sends push notifications to your phone, so you can decide to make a trade. With multiple sources, the bot is able to cross-check and ensure accurate notifications.

Extra Features

In addition to providing notifications, the trending coin feature allows for users to sort the Top 150 coins by % price changes. You can also see in the Chart Climber tab, and which coins are jumping coin market cap ranks. The Chart Climber lists the Top 300 tokens based on their gain/loss in Market Cap ranking, creating a useful way to analyze performance over time. The goal is to indicate under the radar tokens that are slowly increasing in value.

About the team

Just like the rest of us creators of Cryto Tracker Bot got to the point of taking shifts looking through Telegram and Twitter to get coverage waiting for a post saying a new coin was listed. So they decided to make this app.

The founding members are based in Los Angeles and consist of your average engineers (driven by memes and reddit) looking to help anyone getting into cryptocurrencies. They strive to deliver valuable services for all users.

In Conclusion

There are many apps that will give you live market prices. Yet there is only a few that will provide crucial daily information. Crypto Tracker Bot is the only app that offers users real-time push notifications when new currencies get listed on exchanges.

It is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

Website: https://cryptotrackerbot.com

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