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Coinrail exchange begins compensating victims of recent hack.

Good news for people that lost their coins to the hacker of the Coinrail exchange.

South Korean crypto currency exchange Coinrail suffered a hack on June 9th. More than $40 million dollars worth of different coins were withdrawn from Coinrail and deposited into IDEX decentralized exchange. Korean authorities are investigating and have raided the CoinRail offices to check for any inside jobs. Eventually they found and marked the exact account hacker used.

Coinrail website immediately went into maintenance mode and the company into damage control and is still offline as of this writing. Other exchange funds were moved to cold storage while the investigation continued.

Coin Recovery

They also started announcing that they will be recovering tokens to accounts of all holders when the exchange comes back online again. This includes holders of $NPXS, $DENT, $ATX and others such as $BBC

"#DENT We now announce, that Coinrail has made an agreement with DENT Wireless for a complete recovery of DENT tokens to the accounts of all DENT holders on Coinrail. The tokens will be in the holders' accounts when Coinrail comes back online again."

NPXS transactions to resume.

"PundiX to resume NPXS transactions as soon as possible once the investigation is done. We are happy to announce that NPXS is able to resume trading in the exchanges at 10:00:00 Singapore time (GMT+8) on June 14, 2018 but no deposit and withdrawals.​"

Pundi X $NPXS were able to freeze their coins and they are still visible on the hackers account.

Visit Hackers Etherscan Account!

The funny part of the story is that the account now has 26+ mesages with hopefuls asking the the Hacker to send them some of those funds.

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