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Bytecoin $BCN 2018 [Roadmap Review]

Bytecoins wild 2018

Bytecoin, $BCN made a big splash in crypto word on May 8th when it was listed on Binance. This created a huge issue for the team. The network was experiencing an unusually high load. Transactions were delayed, and node synchronization lagged far behind. While there were many complains from the investors burned on unachieved arbitrage, and crazy price swings, the team worked hard to solve the issues.

Roadmap Update

They are moving on and a updated roadmap was released on June 1st. Lets take a look at what is new , what has been updated and what has been accomplished.

Hard Fork Update / Testnet

The hardfork was originally delayed due to various reasons. The team says it is a necessary measure to avoid any kind of drawbacks after the hardfork is released. The main idea of this is to prevent the network lags which took place May 8th - 10th. And there’s an ideal tool to avoid such problems - public testnet.

• The test net date is August 17th.

• The new date of the hardfork has been moved to August 31st.


Looks like the other part of the roadmap deals directly with marketing. They have conquered the Asian Market and now looking to branch to Middle East and Africa.

• The team is also continuously looking for new exchanges to be listed on and new partnerships

• A Payment Plugin Processor is "pending"

• 6th Anniversary Surprise on July 4th. (We hope its a good surprise.)

Roadmap Summary

Bytecoin offers a minimal yet clear roadmap for the near future. It does feel like it was rushed to appease some unhappy investors. Would like to see more detail on technical achievements rather than marketing and birthday surprises.

Bytecoins History

Bytecoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency with open source code that allows everyone to take part in the Bytecoin network development.

Bytecoins Forks

Bytecoin has been forked more than 25 times.

Monero is a Bytecoin fork

• Bytecoins most famous fork is MONERO $XMR

Bitmonero/Monero (BMR/MRO). Launched April 18,2014

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