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Pundi X Airdrop Snapshot 23:59 GMT+8

Over the past few months holders of Pundi X $NPXS have been enjoying monthly airdrops of 7.3% of their $NPXS or $PXS holdings.

The next one is coming soon.

Snapshot time: 23:59 GMT+8 Singapore time, May 31, 2018 Execute date: 1st week of June Amount: 7.316% of NPXS/PXS tokens you hold Method: Auto. The released token will be sent to the snapshotted wallet address. 

This means if you have 10,000 $NPXS in a right wallet (Bancor or private)you will have 10,731 $NPXS around June 2nd.

Official Medium Post

It’s the time to prepare to get ready to receive the monthly unlocked tokens. All the Pundi X token holders are eligible to get the monthly unlocked tokens. The unlocked token “ownership” is tied to the token holders regardless where you get NPXS and PXS tokens.