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Alexa ranks for top exchanges

A post by economist and investor @TuurDemeester revealed the global popularity of crypto currency exchange websites by visits.

Alexa global rank of Bitcoin exchanges: Binance: 494 Coinbase: 848 Bittrex: 1,500 GDAX: 2,059 Poloniex: 2,641 HitBTC: 3,232 Bitfinex: 4,502 Bithumb: 4,623 Kraken: 6,070 Huobi: 6,494 OkEx: 6,939 Bitstamp: 7,418 Gemini: 14,051 MtGox: 371,205 

Looks like Binance is king of the hill for now.

Their global reach is unparalleled along with the ease of their platform.

Coinbase will come in second do to being a vital on ramp / off ramp for fiat to crypto transactions 

The next 3 exchanges are all from USA. Bittrex, GDAX and Poloniex.

OKEX has most global volume, but it's way down the list. This due to that exchange not being available in US making it hard to even search for by Alexa metrics.

and....MtGox just for lulz 😂