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Pundi X $NPXS to be listed on Bit-Z

After getting 100% of votes with just a couple of hours left in the contest Pundi X is heading for its first major exchange

Bit-Z was founded back in 2016 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Today, it is among the leading exchanges for trading digital assets around the world. It provides both Over the Counter (OTC) and professional digital asset trading services.  

Bit Z has a daily volume of over $176 million which is almost 10x more than the current biggest NPXS market Coinnest.

Pundi X project is a global hardware based ICO that tries to address the issue of cryptocurrency payment channels. 

Existing crypto cards and payment methods relies on the traditional banking payment channel hence there is an urgent need to create a blockchain based cryptocurrency channel. 

Their ecosystem is spread out based on the device that is installed on physical locations and also the usage it brings (buy, sell and use of cryptocurrency and virtual services).

The device is already built and our application already has 100,000 total download users with 20k active monhtly. They already serve 600 physical merchants where users can use our app Pundi-Pundi to pay cashless.