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Korean exchange Bithumb will support TRX and EOS migrations

Mainnet for Eos(EOS) and Tron(TRX) is scheduled to launch on 2, June and 31, May. Bithumb will support token migration(token swap) according to the launching of Eos(EOS) and Tron(TRX) mainnet. We will proceed migration according to the schedule of each cryptocurrency, and we will temporarily stop withdrawals during the period for process to be more safe. *Estimated schedule for migration : Eos(EOS) – 1~3, June / Tron(TRX) – 21~25, June

Bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 2013, it is among the world’s leading exchanges when it comes to Bitcoin trading volume. Around 75% of all Bitcoin trading volume and around 50% of all Ethereum trading volume in South Korea comes via Bithumb.