• Crypto Agent

Cryptopia announces support for the upcoming TRON (TRX) token swap.

TRON is swapping from an ERC20 token to a new token supported by TRON mainnet, with the transition beginning 21 June 2018. All TRON ERC20 balances held on Cryptopia from 21 June will be swapped 1:1 for the new TRON mainnet token after 25 June. 

Complete any TRON deposits to Cryptopia before 21 June 01:00 UTC for them to be credited and swapped for the new mainnet token. Any deposits sent after this time may not be credited. Cryptopia will no longer support any old TRON ERC20 transactions or trades from 01:00 UTC 21 June, 2018. 

After TRON’s mainnet launch on June 25th, Cryptopia will implement the new TRON wallet and credit TRON mainnet tokens to users once Cryptopia and the TRON team agree that the migration has completed satisfactorily. Cryptopia can’t advise any further detail on this timeframe currently but updates will be provided closer to the swap date of 25 June.