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OKEX playing games on Twitter

The people behind OKEX exchange are getting drunk on their power and are introducing a new "Listing Regime" ?  Whoaaa there Stalin, a regime?

Official Announcement

This is after running a scam promotion with thousands of retweets and likes asking people to vote for next token featured. 

None are yet to be listed. 

They regime also mentions a how much it would cost to list.

"1. Once the project becomes an eligible candidate for the vote, it will be required to pay a security deposit (200,000 to 300,000 OKB). The security deposit will be returned to the project team monthly in equal proportions for 12 months, starting the second month after the token is listed on OKEx. The security deposit will not be counted as votes for the project. The security deposits required for different trading markets are: a) OKB Market: 200,000 OKB b) OKB/BTC/ETH Markets: 250,000 OKB c) OKB/BTC/ETH/USDT Markets: 300,000 OKB"

So much for the contest and $NPXS, $ONION, $CS, $ZCO and $DCN community support.