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Goodbye Twitter. Hello InvestFeed!

ETH scammers have invaded Twitter.

Twitter has become the biggest social network used by the crypto community and its showing signs of decline. Invasion of scammer bots attack every post by any major account. Easily made accounts that mimic the original poster sing a song of free ETH if you send them ETH. No one EVER got any ETH back.

Millions of dollars have been stolen by these scammers praying on the ignorant. This has

created a need for a better platform. A platform where crypto can grow and develop and not get destroyed by scammers.

Enter InvestFeed.

Social network build around crypto and crypto community. It works like Twitter but does so much more and better.

On the home page you see similar layout to Twitter with addition of coin watch list, crypto news section and crypto company section. You can also see live coin prices, lists of crypto companies on InvestFeed, crypto jobs and recent articles.

Also along with regular posts you can post pols & articles with photos and links.

InvestFeed has its own token $IFT. You can connect your ETH wallet right into InvestFeed. People can give you tips in IFT coins for good posts and articles. Currently the price is 4 cents.

Currently IFT is on several exchanges. HitBtc, Cryptopia, YoBit, and GateCoin

InvestFeed also has extra layers of security along with 2FA. The utilize Civic recognition technology to make sure the accounts are authentic.


After being locked out of Twitter and looking at the childish circus that place became it was time to find an alternative. InvestFeed offers all the things Twitter does and adds so much more.

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