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Odyssey Coin $OCN drops %30 after distant Airdrop date. Devs decide to change date!

Price of Odyssey $OCN dropped today soon after their $OCP 1:1 Airdrop announcement.

After successfull airdrops of new coins such as $ONT a new demand emerged. 

This time the Airdrop date was announced all the way in November later this year! No one has time for that!

But wait !! 

Yi, the chief advisor of Odyssey announced

@yishi888 The launch and airdrop date of $OCP will start in a few weeks instead of November as initially planned. 

He also added 

Yi @yishi888 · We are talking to exchange partners already, for the ones who support the airdrop a distribution will be processed directly inside the exchange, for the rest OCPay is the way to go. 

Looks like they really blew it with the original date announcement. Lesson learned, crypto investors have no time to wait.