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OmiseGo Updates Roadmap

OmiseGo aka $OMG updated their roadmap!

"We had a busy week at EDCON but we did not forget! OmiseGO Roadmap Update just published on Medium: https://t.co/jHZiA7XDjt " 

 The list of changes and updates is extensive, here are some interesting bits

Cosmos DEX

The OMG token will be “spooned” soon after the Cosmos hub launch. Put simply, a snapshot of all balances will be taken at a given block height, and every address holding OMG at that time will receive an equal quantity of the Cosmos DEx staking token (not to be confused with ATOMs — the Cosmos DEx will have a separate token). As stated will give at least 2 weeks’ notice before the snapshot. 

Plasma Cash

Ongoing Plasma Cash is a Plasma construction, first proposed in March 2018, which turns fungible assets into unique “coins” on the root chain. This increases security and usability by: (i) removing the ability for the operator to print money fraudulently, (ii) reducing time constraints, and (iii) only requiring users to watch their own assets as opposed to the entire Plasma chain. We are creating a Proof of Concept to explore the gritty details of how these improvements can be incorporated into the OMG protocol.