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No SEC hearing! Fake news is hitting crypto world.

Rumors spread like wild fire over the weekend. The whole market turned mostly red once again. The reason for this was a supposed hearing regarding Ethereum and its status as a security. It turned out to be a bunch of baloney. 

It all started with a Wall Street Journal report and got misrepresented as something else. 

World’s second most valuable cryptocurrency comes under regulatory scrutiny https://www.wsj.com/articles/worlds-second-most-valuable-cryptocurrency-under-regulatory-scrutiny-1525167000 via @WSJ

All the news sources picked it up and published it right away with no research. 

The thing is you have to actually subscribe to Wall Street Journal to read the whole article.

Most probably didint.

Soon enough youtube "experts" were talking about it. Blogs were running stories. 

Trust no "trustworthy, credible" news source! 

Look at Cointelegraph, CCN, and the others falling in line like lemmings. Stories like this are great for headlines.

Here is the calendar of future SEC events

Upcoming SEC events