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Coinmarketcap.com reveals new logo

The most popular crypto site for live prices www.coinmarketcap.com revealed its new logo.

and new app on iOS

Link to APP store download

Since 2014 coinmarketcap.com did not really even have a logo. It was just type "crypto-currency market capitalizations" . Looks like they are looking to make more money and decided to make it a brand.

Here is their logo. Looking smooth and classy. Good work logo designers

But testing the app we found it quite limited compared to many other apps out there. It has a long road ahead.

Coinmarketcap provides various data about several listed coins, such as their price, available supply, trade volume over last 24 hours or market capitalization.

The statistics are updated every 5 minutes. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying price by total supply. Prices are calculated by averaging the prices at the major exchanges weighted by volume.

Coins with stale datapoints (more than 6 hours old) are shown at the bottom of the list with question marks, and are de-listed after 7 days.

Addition of the new coins For a coin to be added it must meet following criteria: It must be a cryptocurrency It must be traded on a public exchange that is older than 30 days and with an API available. It must have a public URL that displays the total supply (total coins mined so far).