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$Steem is up! Thanks to Daniel Larimer

$STEEM $EOS and $BITshares have same roots.


Daniel Larimer is a software programmer who created the cryptocurrency platform BitShares (2014), was co-founder of the blockchain social platform Steemit (2016), and is CTO of EOS, with the company block.one (2017).[2][3] Daniel Larimer was also the creator of the DPOS ( Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm ) consensus algorithm and Graphene technology. In February 2018, Forbes estimated Larimer's net worth between $600 to $700 million . 

Steem (STEEM) Steem is a cryptocurrency used to power the platform Steemit - an incentivized blockchain social media platform. Users create and curate content on Steemit just like other social news platforms (e.g. Reddit, Hacker News) and get rewarded in Steem for their work.