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Waves Airdrop to new wallet users.


Link to download

Airdrop To New BTC Holders Been thinking of trading on DEX but haven’t got round to it? Then pay attention: now is the time to get started with DEX, because we’re going to cover the fees for you (fees are already ridiculously low, by the way). Waves will be making an airdrop WAVES to all wallets registered between 25 April and 1 May and that contain the minimum BTC balance. All you need to do is: — Download the Waves client from the site wavesplatform.com — Create a new Waves wallet — Deposit at least 0.001 BTC to your newly-created wallet — Connect with the Wavesbalancebot on Telegram — Submit the address of your newly created Waves wallet to the bot — Sit tight and wait for 2 WAVES to drop into the wallet on May 3rd!