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Blitz Predict $XBP is now available on Bancor Network.

XBP is now on a second exchange after IDEX. Bancor Network. Available for trade as of April 23.

Ticker: XBP 

Token type: ERC20 

ICO Token Price: 1 XBP = 0.0292 USD 

Tokens: 1,000,000,000 

From the devs

Blitz Predict Website Events such as sports, crypto, eSports, and politics are traded across different marketplaces at different prices for the same event. Scanning these markets for the best price is inefficient and time-consuming. Receiving your money from centralized authorities can take days or even weeks. Solution Use BlitzPredict to ensure that you always get the best price and get paid immediately. BlitzPredict is building a global aggregator to ensure its users will always get the price available in the marketplace at any given time. BlitzPredict is building a liquidity reserve to ensure that its users can always get paid immediately at the conclusion of an event.