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Justin Sun is gathering a gang of 27 Super Representatives!

From the official statement


"TRON mainnet token migration is complete on June 21, 2018, TRON will shed its identity as an ERC20 token and become one of the most competitive mainstream public blockchains in the world!!!

*(Actual statement, no joke! LOL)

On June 26, 2018, TRON will hold the first Super Representative Election. 27 Super Representatives will be selected to represent over one million TRON supporters and provide calculation and validation for the network. As elected guardians of the TRON network!!!, they represent the will of the people and will play a crucial role in TRON’s future governance.

Every TRX counts.

Justin Sun"

Current members of Justin's gang are.....


•Odyssey (OCN)

•Global Social Chain



•NODE Capital


•MDT Token

•BitcoinGOD (LOL!!!! not gold)


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